Cost Control

Whilst your business works hard on maximising sales and profit it is equally important not to let costs escalate nor go unmonitored.

With our Communications Healthcheck , we will provide an independent marketplace analysis to review your current costs & services. Our clients on average see their costs reduce by between a quarter and a third following the recommendations resulting from this service.

Some of the cost control areas encompassed in this review are:

  • Landline Calls/CPS (carrier pre-select)
  • Land to Mobile Calls/GSM Gateways/Premicells
  • Text From M/S Outlook to Mobiles
  • Fixed Line Rental Packages
  • Mobile Voice
  • Mobile Data/Email/Blackberry/Workforce Automation
  • Broadband/ADSL/VOIP/Leased Lines
  • Web-based Services/Ecommerce
  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • Non-Geographic Numbers/Freefone/Lo-Call/National Call
  • DQ/Directory Enquiry Numbers

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